The Venetian Ghetto

The Ghetto of Venice, is Europe’s first “ghetto,” the ancient Jewish quarter in the center of the city. Its origins and historical events have made it glamorous over time, with its tall buildings in warm and welcoming colors overlooking wide spaces, surrounded by canals.

The jews in Venice

After Venice was defeated at Agnadello in 1509 and a difficult social and economic situation set in, the Venetian government allowed Jews to reside in the city centre with a pass agreed on in 1513, in return for an annual tribute of 6,500 ducats. Many buildings close to Rialto housed Jewish families, but this sparked noisy protests from the preaching friars.

The Jewish quarter

Its uniqueness is due to its five synagogues. Two of them are open to public and private tours and are currently in use for religious services and ceremonies. The Ghetto area still houses all the religious and administrative institutions of the Jewish Community of Venice.

Visit Venice

No traveler or tourist visit Venice can fail to visit this small but unique universe and trace its fascinating history. For almost three centuries, Jewish life animated the Ghetto, and Jews interacted with the city contributing with their prolific activities to the life and economy of the Serenissima.
A visit to the Ghetto will give visitors an opportunity to gain knowledge of the history, customs and traditions of the Jews in Venice.

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